Read this! Concussion Symptoms After Injury


A concussion can lead to quite serious head injury. However, sometimes the severity of concussions can not be immediately known. If you are concerned about someone or maybe you own a concussion, it is necessary to know the concussion symptoms...

The Ideal Sleep Time For Children

Sound Sleep makes children more intelligent

Everyone needs time to sleep, including of course children. Sleeping is one of the important aspects to support the development of children, both physically and mentally.

Here Are Super Foods That Can Boost Immune System

garlic natural antibiotics

Consuming certain foods can increase the immunity, which is something that is very important to maintain the balance and health of your body.

These 6 foods Can Overcome Stress


Stress can be experienced by anyone. Stress can occur due to several reasons, such as work pressure, environmental conditions, severe illness and so forth. Therefore, you need to immediately deal with stress or depression so that it does not...

These 11 Simple Things Can Make You Happy


What makes you happy? Of course the definition of being happy differs from one person to another. If you look around you, there are many things that can make you happy. You can also make yourself happier without having...

These 4 Habits Can Ruin Your Immune System


The immune system is a natural human defense against the entry of free radicals, bacteria, viruses and fungal disease carriers. It is therefore important to keep the immune system work well in order to stay fit.

Signs You’re Consuming Too Much Sugar

Beware, sugar is far more harmful than salt!

A piece of chocolate, cupcake or brownie is difficult to reject. Sweets are clearly tempting, especially when your stomach is hungry. However, you should be careful because these foods contain a lot of sugar.

These Six Foods Can Prevent Aging Process


Aging is a natural process that can not be avoided by anyone, but you can slow it down through diet with balanced nutrition and exercise. So what foods are believed to slow the aging process?

Lifestyle Changes Can Prevent Breast Cancer Risks


Data shows breast cancer is the number two cancer killer after cervical cancer. However, it still needs a lot of research to completely understand the causes of breast cancer.

Know 6 Dangers of Energy Drinks For Health

energy drinks

Are you a person who often consume energy drinks after doing sports activities or other strenuous activities? Based on a research by experts, consuming energy drinks have negative effects on health.

City Design Can Affect Your Health

Park Avenue, New York City

Cities that have designs for public walking, cycling or public transport can expect a decrease in chronic diseases. Such as heart disease and diabetes.

Know The Impact of a Divorce on Your Health


Ending a long-term relationship and making the decision to have a divorce is always regarded as a negative thing.

You Only Need to Give HPV Vaccines Twice For Children and Adolescents,


Human papilloma virus (HPV) is a type of virus responsible for diseases such as cervical cancer, penile cancer and genital warts in humans. The virus can be  easily found everywhere therefore people are is advised to protect themselves with injectable vaccines.

Try it out, These 5 Tips Can Overcome Stress


Stress is a common thing felt by humans, but it is also important for humans to know how to overcome stress. Everyone is at risk of suffering from stress to even depression. Sources of stress can come from anywhere. In general, sources...

5 Steps to Prevent Postpartum Depression: From Resting to Maintaining Intimacy


Postpartum depression does not appear suddenly. If a mother had a lot of problems during pregnancy, the risk of experiencing postpartum depression will of course be larger.

How to Quickly Calm Yourself In Two Minutes


Did you forget to relax and breathe after spending a tiring day at work? You should not forget this, because if not then your mind and body can be disrupted. You may night realize it, but work can mentally disturb you.

These Foods With Antioxidants are Good for Health

health benefits of eating broccoli

Antioxidants can protect the body from various diseases and slow the aging process. Therefore, antioxidants are so important for the body because it has a wide range of benefits and functions for health.