What Is Zoom Teeth Whitening and How is the Treatment?

Zoom Teeth Whitening

If you are worried about your yellow coloured teeth, there are several technologies available today to give them a bright white colour. One can have a perfect smile only if their teeth are in good condition.

Orthodontic Care a Lot More Expensive Than Regular Dental Care

pregnant dental care picture

When you see drastically the vast majority of individuals are specially afflicted with dental downside like crocked teeth, beyond positioning teeth, combo assaults, periodontal troubles and many others. Currently these are extremely typical troubles inside the individuals. Therefore, there’re...

Gum Bleeding Should Not Be Ignored In First Instance

Gum Bleeding

Gums are a very important part of our body and hence we should take care of it like we do for other parts of our body. They are very sensitive and we need to take some extra care of...

The Advantages of Using Invisible Braces in Orthodontics

Invisible Braces

Invisible dental braces are literally the latest innovation in the world of orthodontic treatment. These braces provide with a unique way of teeth alignment. The undetectable braces operate progressively to straighten the uneven teeth by the use of the...

Have You Visited Your Dentist Recently?

seenig a dentist

You brush your teeth every morning when you get up and every night before you go to bed. You floss daily and regularly rinse with mouthwash. You might even wear your retainer each night if you have received orthodontic...

Do not brush your teeth after drinking orange juice!

Do not brush your teeth after drinking orange juice

Are you fond of drinking orange juice or other beverages with original orange flavor? If you are, you should not clean your teeth immediately after drinking it.

Bleeding gum? Treat with these 5 natural ingredients


In addition to cavities and tartar, bleeding gums become a health issue related to oral health that is most common. Usually your teeth bleed when you are brushing your teeth. If this happens, immediately treat with these natural ingredients...

Family issues apparently affect dental health

Family issues apparently affect dental health

Family problem was not only affects the mental health of family members, but also on the health of the teeth. A study revealed that adults and children in the family violence, where physical violence and verbal become commonly encountered...

Electric Tooth Brushes The Necessary Accessories

Electric Tooth Brushes The Necessary Accessories

Electric Tooth Brushes are great for your dental health. Like any other electronic item it also requires some basic accessories to work with. 

Protect Your Teeth from Soda and Fruit Juices

Protect Your Teeth from Soda and Fruit Juices

With packaging and brand that are made in such a way, a lot of people are easily fooled by certain foods or beverages. Though the intake may contain ingredients that are harmful to the body, such as sugars and...

Poor Dental Health May Point To Other Health Problems

Dental Health

Have you had your dentist ask you questions like, ‘Are you snoring or sleeping bad?’ or ‘Do you suffer from halitosis no matter what you eat or do?’ or ‘Do you suffer from acidity?’ Would be surprised if your...

How to Prevent Tooth to Break

How to Prevent Tooth to Break

Broken tooth or a chipped tooth can cause a dental problem. If you are eating calcium rich foods and are still a victim of a broken tooth, here’s what you are doing wrong. Dr. Puneet Ahuja, Senior Consultant in Dentistry from...

What Is The Right Age For Braces?

What Is The Right Age For Braces

What Is The Right Age For Braces? For a parent whose child does not have perfectly aligned teeth, which unfortunately is many of us, the question of whether to get braces can be a difficult one. Deciding on when to...

The Connection Between Oral Health & Overall Health

Oral Health

Oral health affects people in a multitude of ways. Some are basic lifestyle changes; others are detrimental to physical health. Here are some ways in which your general health and your dental health are connected. 

Tooth Loss Cause & Dental Implants Benefits

Have you ever thought that missing some of your teeth can impact your overall life in the long run? You might avoid a treatment due to pain, cost, or time of replacing it. However, what many patients are not...

How to avoid yellow teeth

A sweet smile with white and healthy teeth would be the desire of many people. Unfortunately, being lazy to brush teeth, smoking and certain foods can make your teeth yellow. So that it does not interfere with your smile, there...

Forgot to brush your teeth? Clean them with other methods

Traveling from morning till evening, you sometimes forget to brush your teeth. This could cause bad breath and hoard lots of bacteria in the mouth. Well, If you forget to brush your teeth, do these five methods to clean...