Understanding Tumescent Liposuction

Tumescent Liposuction

Tumescent liposuction was developed by dermatologic surgeons in the mid 1980’s and has become a more popular method of liposuction. It is considered to be a major advancement that has completely changed surgical fat removal. This has been regarded...

Obesity and Metabolic Surgery: Hype or Hope


Bariatric surgery is one of the most popular surgeries, which helps obese people lose weight. It is a procedure that reduces the size of the stomach with a gastric band or removes a portion of the stomach that results...

Brain Scans Might Spot Potential for Recovery From Coma

Brain scans

Brain scans could help identify comatose patients who have the potential to wake up, a new study suggests. Bedside tests are currently the standard means of trying to assess whether or not a comatose person will make some form...

Chicken Pox Vaccine, Is it Really Necessary?

The onset of summer is ideal for the deadly chicken pox to rear its ugly head. You may have realised that chicken pox vaccine is given routinely these days. If you were born somewhere in the 80s or before,...

Doctors’ fears over statins may cost lives, says top medical researcher

Health tips – Doctors worrying about the safety of cholesterol-reducing statins are creating a misleading level of uncertainty that could lead to the loss of lives, according to one of the UK’s leading medical academics.

Researchers created a membrane to prevent heart attacks

Researchers again made new innovations in the medical field. This time they made an external membrane that lines the heart using 3-D printers. This membrane serves to digitally control the heart rate and is claimed to prevent the occurrence...

Predict When You Will Die with this New ‘Death Test’

Researchers have announced a rather morbid find: a “death test,” as the Telegraph puts it, which may predict the likelihood of a seemingly healthy person biting the dust within five years.

Doctors try to grow ears from fat stem cells

Doctors at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London are aiming to reconstruct people’s faces with stem cells taken from their fat.

Stethoscope has more germs than a doctor’s hand

Of course, many people assume or at least hope, that medical equipment such as stethoscopes are equipment that are clean and free of germs. However, studies reveal a surprising fact.

For the first time, human lungs are ‘made??’ in a lab!

For the first time, scientists succeeded in developing human lungs in the laboratory. This is an amazing step that gives hope for regenerative medicine.

Is the Stethoscope Living on Borrowed Time?

A stethoscope draped across a doctor’s chest is as classic an image of medicine as a white coat or a wooden tongue depressor. But the stethoscope is an old-fashioned device that has outlived its usefulness and should be replaced in the...

Progress in Fighting Cancer Could Be Greater Than We Thought

Despite the high death toll from cancer and have not been decreased by as much in recent decades as that of diseases such as heart disease, but the progress made to fighting this disease is quite significant. This is...

Is a weight loss surgery necessary?

Weight loss surgery is certainly not a surgery that anyone can simply perform. Some factors will looked to determine a person is the right candidate to perform a weight loss surgery or not. Well, Dr Ramen Goel, Head, Bariatric Surgery, Nova...

Intellectual Disability in Children Can be Diagnosed By a Test

Scientist had found a new test that is able to help them diagnose delay in developmental and child intellectual disability which is based on genetic abnormalities. And now, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved this test

Telescope eye implant restores sight in macular degeneration patients

It sounds like science fiction: Tiny telescopes being implanted into the eyes of humans to restore sight in those with age-related macular degeneration (AMD).  

Let There Be Light: Narrow Spectrum UV May Lower Risk of MRSA in Hospitals

Hospitals are places of healing, but each year about 200,000 to 300,000 patients pick up infections in their surgical wounds, making them 60% more likely to spend time in the ICU than infection-free patients, and contributing to $3 billion...

Can botox help cure migraines?

Most people suffering from migraines tend to stay away from migraine triggers and take prescribed medication. But Dr. Raj Shekahar Reddy, Consultant Neurologist, with Max Care Hospital from New Delhi tells us how migraines can be treated with botox. He also discusses the safety...