Causes and Prevention of Migraine


migraine headacheWhen migraine attacks, most of your time could be wasted trying to escape the pain. But, try to find out the cause, so you can prevent these attacks in the future.

Migraine triggers can be caused by several things. One of them is due to physical problems. For example, women can experience hormonal changes that can trigger headaches. This condition is very common, so many women do not realize it.

Not only physical problems, mental stress can also cause migraines. Stress causes a variety of problems that can trigger a migraine coming. The bad news is that life is filled with things that trigger stress. Of course the doctor will advise you to avoid stress. The problem is stress can not be easily avoided.

To prevent migraines caused by stress, the best thing you can do is actively do variety of activities that can relieve stress. For example, meditation or perhaps have a massage.

In addition, some foods can also cause migraines, such as cheese and chocolate. Excess alcohol and caffeine can stimulate the emergence of migraine. Stimuli such as too brighu lights or excessive sun exposure, and even a stinging smell of perfume can also cause migraines.

For more details, consult your doctor about how to prevent migraines caused by different things around you.