Causes of Failed IVF


IVF FailureIn Vitro fertilization (IVF) is a choice for married couples who have difficulties in getting children. But until now, IVF success rates are still low and often fail. What are the main factors causing the failure of IVF?

IVF is a techniques of reproduction. IVF process bring together the husband’s sperm with the ovum or egg cell of the wife outside to achieve fertilization.

Why do IVF programs often fail?

Failure of IVF are often caused by the failure of implantation process of embryos.

Implantation failure can be caused by problems in the embryo or problems in the mother’s womb. Most fertility experts say that 95 percent of IVF failure is caused due to failure of embryo catching.

Failure of embryo catching is often caused by chromosomal or genetic abnormalities in embryos that makes it too weak to continue normal development and implantation.

Unfortunately, the problem is still a ‘black box’ of today. There are currently no safe and efficient technology that allows scientists to investigate the cost of chromosomal or genetic problems in a way not to damage the normal embryos significantly.

In addition to genetic problems, the success of IVF is also determined by many things like:

1. Maternal age
In principle, IVF success declines with increasing age. Women under 30 years has chances reaching 50%, age 30-35 years 35% chance, the age of 40 years by 10-15%, while above the age of 40 years 8% chance of living.

2. The quality and quantity of eggs
Embryo quality are determined from the egg from the mother and age of production declining since 35 years.

3. Sperm quality
For the male what should be checked is the quality and quantity of sperm with the ideal amount above 20 million per cc.

4. The quality of  IVF ovarian stimulation, depending on physician skill to control the process

5. The quality of an IVF laboratory

6. Skills of doctors in taking the eggs and the overall efficiency

7. Skills of embryo transfer, whether doctors or equipment used

8. The number of eggs retrieved

9. Causes of patients infertility

10. The process of development, embryo quality and the level of catching during embryonic development in the laboratory

Source: Advancedfertility