Causes of Late Developing Child


Late Developing ChildStatistically, about 3 percent of children can not achieve development of motor skills on time. But the figure is only about 15-20 percent of children which development are abnormal, the rest can still develop normally although a bit slower.

What are the causes of delays in motor skills of children?

According to Keepkidshealty, delays in motor development occurs when children can not reach one or more milestone in its development.

Motor development includes the ability to speak and language, fine motor skills like walking or crawling, personal and social skills like the ability to interact.

Some signs children experience delays in motor development are:

1. Children can not roll over until 6 months
2. Not able to sit alone without assistance until the age of 8 months
3. Not able to crawl up to 12 months
4. Not yet able to walk up to the age of 15 months.

If the child has a lot of delays in all areas of development, then the causes include:

1. Encephalopathy (disorder before or near birth) static including premature birth
2. Brain abnormalities
3. Chromosomal abnormalities
4. Infection.
5. and progressive encephalopathy including metabolic disease, neurocutaneous syndrome, Rett syndrome and hydrocephalus.

besides abnormalities factor in the body of the child, delayed motor development of children can also be caused by the small amount of  stimuli received.

While still a baby they had little opportunity to move or explore their body, so they did not learn how to move properly.

For example, they have little chance to play with their toys, rarely meet other children while playing, rarely  communicated and rarely asked to play socially and verbally by adults.

Parenting from the parents are also influential, parents who are very cautious or protective can contribute to delays in motor skills of children, such as not allowing children to move freely or too often hold their children especially in infants who are already 8 months.

This condition will make the child late to crawl or walk and if they fall, they would be afraid to try again. Therefore parents should allow their children to move freely and do not hold carry their children too often, as long as it doesn’t endanger the child.

Lack of experience could lead to delays in motor development either mild or significant. If the motor delay is not addressed, it is  tend to be followed by a delay in visual motor skills, fine motor or communication.

But if the cause of delay is due to certain disease conditions, then the parents should take them to a doctor to get in early detection so that therapy can be done to overcome the problem.