Causes Why Some People Always Feel Sleepy


drowsiness causesDrowsiness will normally appear in the night when the body needs sleep. But in some people, sleepiness that appears sometimes does not depend on the time. So, what causes the body to easily feel sleepy?

Persistent sleepiness can interfere with work, could be dangerous if someone is driving and can reduce quality of life and productivity. In addition, sleepiness can also be a symptom of health problems.

Here are some things that can cause the body to easily feel sleepy, according to Lifemojo:

1. Lack of sleep
In general, a person need to sleep 8 hours a day, if less than that, it could influence concentration and health, so people could easily feel sleepy. For that reason, make sure the body gets enough rest.

2. Having sleeping problems
Sleep disorders such as breathing which suddenly stops, snoring or frequent waking can make the quality of sleep decreases and the body feels sleepy the next day, despite someone had slept for 8 hours at night.

3. Anemia
Lack of red blood cells will make a person feel tired and sleepy, especially in women during menstruation period. Therefore eat more foods rich in iron like green leafy vegetables, liver and cereals.

4. Urinary tract disorders
Disorders such as infection can cause pain and burning which frequently occur at night so that it disrupt sleep.

5. Diabetes
Fluctuations in blood sugar levels can make the body lose energy which causes fatigue and sleepiness for no apparent reason. Also one of the classic symptoms of diabetes is much urination that can disrupt sleeping.

6. Shift work
Having a job with a night shift can disrupt normal sleeping patterns and the body’s biological clock, thus making a person feel sleepy during the day.