Cesarean childbirth increase risk of complications


Cesarean childbirth increase risk of complicationsWomen who gave birth by caesarean section are known to be at risk for complications when they become pregnant again in the future. Risk of complications in childbirth increased by 12 percent.

Caesarean procedure are done when childbirth experience complications during pregnancy. This process can damage the blood supply to the uterus and lead to a high risk of complications. So far a woman can perform three types of caesarean section. The first is due to forced and sudden, the second is at the request of the mother, and the third is on the advice of a doctor.

Caesar made with a known plan are not too risky for the mother and baby. However, mothers who gave birth by Caesarean section are asked to wait a long time before having another child. The longest is the mothers who gave birth by Caesarean section on her own will.

Researchers then found out the effect of cesarean section on maternal health and the possibility of complications in the future. They used data from 800,000 mothers over 30 years in Denmark. The result, they found that mothers who gave birth by Caesarean section have a higher risk of complications.

Women who choose to perform caesarean without a medical reason such as endangering the lives of mothers and babies are usually more difficult to get pregnant again. The researcher explained that the trends are usually chosen by women who are elderly and do not want to have many children.

Patrick O’Brien of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists explain that women should be aware of this increased risk. But not to worry too much, as reported by the Daily Mail (12/07).

Surprisingly, researchers also found that women who undergo cesarean section increased risk of blood clots and infection. They are also more difficult to establish a relationship with the child. In addition, babies born by Caesarean section have a higher risk of death in the first months than babies born normally.