Characteristics of Autistic Children’s Face is Found


autistic boyChildren with autism appears to have certain facial characteristics when compared with normal children. This is the result of an analysis team of researchers from the University of Missouri, United States, who do face mapping, in children with autism and normal children.

Face and brain grows together and affect each other. It starts from the embryo and continues until adolescence. The scientists believe that this could help them find out in more detail when autism began to occur in children.

They also revealed, this could provide clues related to the causes of autism. Autism is a disorder that makes a person difficult to communicate with its environment, for life.

From the conclusion of a team led by Professor Kristina Aldridge, there are three physical features that are found in children with autism, namely:

1. Have a wider face, including larger eyes.
2. The middle of their face is shorter, including the cheeks and nose.
3. Having a a wider range of mouth and philtrum, the area between the nose and lips.

“If we can identify when the face changes occur, we can know when autism began to develop in a child. Knowing it can make it easier for us to analyze the triggers of autism, both genetic and environmental factors linked,” Aldridge said, according to the Daily Mail.

The team analyzed 64 faces of boy with autism and 41 normal boys aged eight to 12 years. Their pictures were taken using a camera with three-dimensional system. From the photo, then mapped 17 points on the face, like the corners of the eyes.

Geometry calculations were performed on the overall of the face, using 17 dots. The result showed when the comparison is done with the face of normal children, there is a statistically significant difference in the shape of the face.