Cheese Harm Male Fertility?


cheese lower male fertilityMen who want to have a baby should avoid cheese. Thus the conclusion derived from the study by researchers at Harvard University.

Intake of 28 grams of cheese per day, or about two tablespoons was proven to dramatically damage male fertility. As a result, men have worse sperm quality than men in general. The researchers believe that female hormones that exist naturally in dairy products interfere with a man’s ability to reproduce.

Scientists from the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston, U.S., compared the diets of 189 men aged 19-25 years old. Nobody was overweight and they exercised at least half an hour a week.

All the men were also asked to write how often they eat dairy products, fruits, meat and some types of food during the week. Then their sperm were observed, including the movement and shape of sperm. As a result, the sperm of men who ate more than three servings of full-fat dairy foods each day, 25 percent had poor sperm quality than men who consumed little or no dairy products at all.

Afeiche Myriam, who led the research, explained that estrogen female hormone presented in cow’s milk affects male fertility. Other possibilities also exist due to pesticides in dairy products.

“Although full-fat dairy products may affect the quality of sperm, only a few studies prove it directly. This was associated with higher female reproductive hormones,” he told the Daily Mail.

But Dr Allan Pacey, fertility expert at Sheffield University, said that men do not have to stop drinking milk. Although fertility declines, they can still reproduce. “Despite the fall, it’s not dangerous.”

In a separate study, the same researchers found that young men who eats carbohydrates have a lower sperm count. Presumably men will be more likely to experience obesity, which changes the balance of hormones, including reproductive hormones. In a previous research, it was also known that soybeans can cause infertility in men.