Chemical reactions in certain drugs trigger fatal stroke in elderly


antipsychotic drugs increase the risk of fatal strokeAntipsychotic drugs which are given to elderly have three times the risk to trigger fatal stroke, according to the Alzheimer’s Society.

The agency also found that the drug could increase the risk of death twice and make ??patients unable to walk or talk.

As reported by the Daily Mail (13/3), antipsychotics are commonly prescribed for elderly patients to treat symptoms such as agitation, psychosis, insomnia, anxiety, and depression, should only be given for a limited period.

Previous research also states that at least 1,800 people with dementia die each year due to a chemical reaction triggered by the drug. Now, recent research has shown that antipsychotic drugs may increase the risk of fatal stroke.

Researchers at National Taiwan University claims that the greatest stroke risk was found in patients who are older or who have dementia. They recommend to doctors to start giving low doses of antipsychotic drugs in order to monitor the side effects in the beginning of treatment, especially for individuals who are older or who have dementia.