Chewing Gum Can Cause Wrinkles


chewing gum cause wrinkleDo you have a habit of chewing gum? We suggest you limit this habit. Chewing gum too often gives adverse effects to skin health.

Dr Joel, a dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon from Omaha, warned that the habit of chewing gum potentially triggers the growth of premature wrinkles around the mouth.

“Many of my patients likes to chew gum. I think chewing gum became one of the main triggers of wrinkles on the skin,” he said, according to New York Daily News.

Dr. Hema Sundaram, cosmetic surgeon from Washington, explained that the activity of chewing gum makes a person uses their jaw muscles too much.

“I believe that chewing gum activates the muscles around the mouth and potentially breaks the elasticity of skin tissue. This contributes to the loss of volume and possible loss of skin elasticity.”