Chewing gum increase 10 percent perspicacity

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Several studies have shown the benefits of chewing gum for the brain acuity. Evidently, a recent study revealed that chewing gum increases brain reaction up to 10 percent faster.

To that end, researchers conducted a study on some participants who were asked to chew gum for a while. Then the area of their brains were scanned to see which areas are active.

During the 30-minute test, participants pressed a button with the right or left thumb in response to the direction of the arrows on the screen. Men and women who did not chew gum had only 545 milliseconds to react, compared with 493 milliseconds for those who chew. Regions of the brain are most active during chewing is involved with movement and attention, as reported by the Daily Mail (3/2).

Professor Andy Smith of Cardiff University, a leading specialist in the field of health-related behavior, said: “The effect of chewing have a visceral reaction.”

“Our results suggest that increased levels of chewing affects arousal and alertness in addition to the effect on motor control and, as a result, this effect can lead to improved cognitive performance,” said researchers from the National Institute of Radiological Sciences in Japan.

However, research conducted last year revealed that chewing gum can interfere with short-term memory, while another study mentions that chewing gum can reduce stress.


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