Children Can Also Suffer Migraines


migraine in childrenNot only adults who could suffer from migraine. As many as 5-10 percent of children in the United States suffer from this headache.

Director of Pediatric Headache Program at Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Marcy Yonker, said the signs of migraine is headaches that are extraordinary for an hour (more often affects one side of the head only).

Migraine in children is caused by routine childhood activities, like playing. “No one knows the exact cause of children affected by migraine. But if you suffer from migraine, there is a 50 percent chance your child will also be affected,” said Yonker.

The pain on the child’s head is also accompanied by nausea and vomiting. In addition, children who have migraines will also be sensitive to light and sound.

“Make sure your child’s doctor makes a proper diagnosis of this phenomenon by checking reflexes and muscle strength of children and examine the eyes of children,” said Yonker, according to woman’s day.

A slight headache can be treated with ibuprofen for children. As for more serious illness, requires a prescription from a doctor and a special examination to a specialist.