Children Tend to Follow Their Parents who Smoke


child watch parents smokeSmoking is certainly not healthy and can cause various disease. The smokers themselves are aware of the dangers of this bad habits.

Besides the smoke that is inhaled, the smoke released is also dangerous to others around the smokers. A recent study reveals that smoking in front of children not only makes ??them second-hand smokers, but could also ensnare them to be psychically attracted to cigarettes.

The research conducted at the Concordia University and University of Montreal found that children who often see their parents, siblings, neighbors smoke will be interested in cigarette as well. They also generally will follow them and will become a smoker.

The research published in the Oxford Nicotine and Tobacco journal involved 327 children aged 11-33 years. They were asked about smoking habits in their family and their home environment.

“These kids sees smoking as something that is not bad because their parents also smoke cigarettes,” said Simon Racicot, a researcher who led the study, according to the DailyMail. Whats worse is that the children who are exposed to cigarette smoke would almost certainly smoke as a teenager.

Jennifer J. McGrath, professor at Concordia University, says that currently 60 percent of children in North America become passive smokers. “These kids are exposed to nicotine and they absorb the poison,” she said.