Children Will Like Foods Their Mother Eat During Pregnancy


pregnancy healthy dietWhat you eat during pregnancy is thought to affect the taste, smell, and food choices of children. Children born to mothers with an unhealthy diet during pregnancy tend to be more interested in instant and junk food.

A team from the University of Colorado says, the diet of pregnant women form the sensitivity of smell and taste even fetal brain formation. Study author, Dr Josephine Todrank stated, “This highlights the importance of a healthy diet and refrain from drinking alcohol during pregnancy and lactation.

He says, mothers who drink alcohol may make children more interested in drinking alcohol when they are growing bigger. “Because the developing fetus ‘expect’ anything coming from her mother is safe. If the mother is eating a healthy diet during pregnancy, the child will also choose more healthy foods.”

Studies find from studying mice, that the mother teaches the smell and taste of food from the food they consume. At the same time, the experts found no significant changes in the structure of the glomeruli of the brain, which processes odors. The smell of amniotic fluid affect how these systems evolved.

Dr. Diego Restrepo, the study author say, this is the first study to address changes in the brain while in the womb and early life after birth while receiving milk from his mother. He says this discovery has important implications for public health.

“Many diseases that involve excessive consumption or avoidance of some foods,” he said according to the Daily Mail.

Dr Todrank, from the University of Haifa in Israel, says the results of the experiment show results that are not much different in humans. “The choice of food of the mother during pregnancy and breastfeeding will give long-term effects of anatomy as well as sensors and smelling memory preferences of children in the future,” he said.