Children with autism are prone to commit suicide?


Children with autism are prone to commit suicideChildren with autism are more likely to commit suicide than children who do not have autism, according to a study.

This was discovered after researchers analyzed data from 1,000 children, including 791 children who have autism, while 186 children did not suffer from autism, and 35 children with autism, but not depressed. Researchers asked parents to record how many times the child wanted to commit suicide.

Children with autism have a 28 times greater likelihood to commit suicide than children who do not have autism. However, children who are depression are also three times more likely to commit suicide.

Researchers found that the risk is greatest in children aged 10 years old, male, and comes from a family that has a middle to lower economic levels. In fact, nearly 71 percent of children had the character known to have attempted suicide.

Angela Gorman, an assistant professor at Penn State College of Medicine suggested that parents who have children with autism pay close attention to their child’s behavior and emotions. Parents should help children communicate and learn social skills from an early age, as reported by My Health News Daily (13/03).

It is known that depression is one of the biggest causes of why children with autism want to commit suicide. Given that 77 percent of children with autism who are depressed often attempted suicide. Even so IQ and cognitive abilities are not related to the tendency of autistic children to commit suicide.

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