Chili is a drug for migraines?


Chili is a drug for migrainesA recent study proved that cayenne pepper can be a major clue to cure migraines.

According to researchers, there are similarities that occur in the brain when a person suffers from migraines and skin reactions when chili oil is applied to the skin surface.

In detail, when the chili oil touches the skin, capsaicin in the herb that causes the body to secrete calcitonin gene related to peptides. That’s what makes the blood flow in the affected area of migraines increased and spread to other neurons.

Biotechnology companies are trying to target the chemical compounds that arise due to migraine which is a carrier of pain signals from one nerve to another nerve. By blocking receptor signaling, the researchers sought to develop drugs to overcome migraines.

One company that developed migraine drug is Amgen. To verify the theory of chili, the researchers then injected the drug under the skin of the patient.

“The drug was able to block the receptors that sends pain to the brain, so that migraines can be prevented entirely,” said Peter Goadsby of the University of California, as quoted by the Daily Mail (23/??04).

Usually, the treatment for migraine normally uses a triptan which only serves to relieve and not eliminate pain completely.

Botox had also been used as one method of treating migraine, although it is only recommended for patients who are actually worse. Migraine can be dangerous as it can increase the risks of heart disease and stroke in women.