China investigate inter-human transmission of H7N9 virus

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H7N9 virus inter human tansmissionWith the development of a rare bird flu virus H7N9, China will investigate the possibility of a rare avian influenza virus transmission from human to human. The current bird flu has claimed 17 lives and infected 82 people in China.

Authorities have killed thousands of birds and some poultry farms were shut down to prevent the spread of H7N9 virus scarce. But it seems some aspects of this rare bird flu virus remains a mystery, especially the possibility of transmission from human to human.

“We are still analyzing deeper to find the most possibility, whether there are any possibility of inter-human infection, or there are objects that spread infection,” said Feng Zijian, director of health at the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, as reported by Reuters (18 / 04).

One of the H7N9 virus victim’s family consists of two brothers and their father died from bird flu. Even so, it can not be concluded if the H7N9 virus began to spread among humans.

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