Cholesterol drug could prevent blindness?


Cholesterol drug could prevent blindnessEye drops that are designed to lower cholesterol could likely prevent macular function decline, one of the most common types of blindness. This is because high cholesterol is also associated with reduction in the power of vision.

Researchers conducted tests on mice and humans. They found that high cholesterol levels can affect the immune system. Not only that, the cells can also be damaged if it constantly is clogged by fat due to high cholesterol.

Decreased function of the macula is one type of the disease common in people in their old age. Beginning with cell light catcher that is too dry so it is easily damaged. While the macula of the eye itself is a point which served to capture the detail. Macula is needed for reading, driving, and recognizing faces of others.

Researchers then examined whether eye drops that are used to lower cholesterol, can be useful to maintain a healthy macula. They found that eye drops can be used to prevent macula covered by fat due to high cholesterol. The drug also prevents fatty deposits around the retina.

“These results are very interesting, because we did not think that the eye drops that lowers cholesterol were able to be used to prevent blindness in many people,” said Clara Eaglen of the RNIB, as reported by the BBC (03/04).

Even so, the researcher believes that this research is still in the early stages. They will conduct further experiments to see the results of definite usability of eye drops to lower cholesterol and the prevention of blindness.