Cigarettes are more deadly for passive smokers


Cigarettes are more deadly for passive smokersSmoking kills around six million people every year. Ironically, more than 600,000 people die from smoking each year found to have never smoked. They die from exposure to secondhand smoke and continue to inhale other people’s smoke.

It is an ironic fact given by the World Health Organization (WHO). By Dr. Ullas Batra from New Delhi, about 66 percent of cigarette smoke is not inhaled by smokers, but goes into the air and inhaled by other people around who do not smoke.

Exposure to secondhand smoke is more dangerous and deadly than being an active smoker. This is because passive smokers inhale more nicotine and tar removed by active smokers. Not only that, passive smokers also inhale more carbon monoxide containing very high amounts of ammonia and camium. It also contains carbon monoxide and hydrogen cyanide poisonous gas that can be deadly.

With the presence of such hazardous substances, passive smokers have 25 percent higher risk of developing lung disease and a 10 percent higher risk of heart disease, as reported by Health Me Up (31/05). Even so, the effects of smoking can be different for many people. For people who are sensitive, inhaling cigarette smoke in a short time can cause cancer.

People who smoke are not only harming themselves, but also others. Many people die from cancer and lung diseases, even though they do not smoke. It’s good the government begin to enforce a ban on smoking in public places or in certain environments.

Quitting smoking is the best way to prevent illness and death for both active and passive smokers. If there are people smoking around you, do not hesitate to remind them, because they can turn off the smoke for you.