Cinnamon Can Prevent Diabetes and Heart Disease


cinnamon prevents diabetes and heart diseaseNot many people know that Cinnamon can actually prevent diabetes and heart disease.

Cinnamon is  had been used by humans for a long time. According to a study, cinnamon can prevent and cure diabetes and heart disease. which are two diseases that are greatly feared by many people. And this disease is mostly caused by the food we consume.

A study found that cinnamon contains antioxidants  that can reduce the chance of getting diabetes and heart disease up to 23 percent, according to Dailymail.

Researchers from the Center for Applied Health Sciences in Fairlawn, Ohio, United States, studied 22 obese people with prediabetes, which is a critical state before diabetes which is still treatable.

Half of the participants were given 250 mg of cinnamon soluble in water to drink everyday and the rest were given a placebo (contains no cinnamon).

In that study, researchers observed participants’ blood before and after surveys. The result found that participants who drank cinnamon solution can increase 13 to 23 percent antioxidants associated with blood sugar.

“This study can demonstrate the effectiveness of cinnamon juice in preventing diabetes and heart disease,” says Richard Anderson, lead investigator from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.