Closed windows jeopardize patients in hospital


Closed windows jeopardize patients in hospitalHospitals that has closed windows are known to increase a patient’s risk for infection, according to new research. British scientists uses carbon dioxide as a tracer gas when doing this experiment. They found out whether the infection will spread at a hospital with a room that usually contains up to 30 beds in one room.

“By measuring the carbon dioxide concentration in a certain time, we can see the quantity of gas exposure on each patient and see the level of risk in these patients,” said researcher Laura Pickin from the University of Leeds, as reported by Health Day News (19/04).

When the windows are open, there is a pretty good indoor ventilation and the risk of infection is low. But the danger of infection is increased four-fold when the windows are closed. It is the same even when the researchers tried the room containing only six or eight beds.

With natural ventilation from a window, the patients are safe from the risk of infection. But this soon changes when the windows are closed and replaced with air conditioning. European hospitals usually do this during the winter.