Cluster Headache, A Rare and Extreme Headache


Cluster Headache

When you head is throbbing with a headache or migraine is certainly very painful. However, in some people who experience cluster headaches, migraine pain is still normal. It was even known that ice cream can treat migraines.

Cluster headache is a rare and extremely painful headache. It is estimated that the sufferers are only one percent of the world’s population. The headache attacks occur in patterns, it could come in a matter of hours every day that goes over and over in a few weeks. Attacks occur suddenly and suddenly stops as well.

Symptoms and Prevention
Based on a report in the Mayo Clinic, here are some of the symptoms of cluster headaches:
– Unbearable headache around the eyes that spreads into other areas in the face like the head, neck and shoulders
– Pain on one side of the head
– Excessive tears
-Reddened eyes and nasal mucus
-Swelling of the eyes, eye pupil size decreases and shriveled eyelids

Although the exact cause of cluster headache is unknown, experts believe that an abnormality in the hypothalamus is the source of this headache. Factors such as melatonin and cortisol hormone and neurotransmitter in the brain nerve also allow cluster headaches to appear.

Patients with cluster headache are predominantly male adults. Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe is one of the celebrities who have extreme headaches. Smokers and those who drinks alcohol, and family history also increases the risk of cluster headache.

Despite the many uses of painkiller, the actual use of drugs is useless. Prevention is to reduce the severity of the attack and avoid nicotine and alcohol that often triggers cluster headaches. Therefor, it is important for you to know the types of headaches and how to treat them.

Besides medication, there are other ways to deal with headaches. There are even foods that can relieve migraines.