Coconut Yogurt, a new way to make digestion healthy


Coconut Yogurt, a new way to make digestion healthyThe type of yogurt that most people know is just yogurt made from dairy products. But in fact, yogurt can be made ??out of coconut milk which was then known as coconut milk yogurt.

As reported by mentioned that coconut yogurt is a healthy beverage alternative for those who do not put up with lactose, a natural substance in the milk.

Coconut yogurt itself is made from coconut milk and fermented. Every single serving size of 150 grams of coconut yogurt contains 200 calories. Although some health studies say that coconut yogurt is rich in fat and low in carbohydrates, but the type of fat that is contained healthy fats. These fats are actually beneficial to assist in the effort to lose weight.

Not only that, the same as the other benefits of yogurt, coconut yogurt is also good for digestive health because it contains good bacteria in it.

Interested to try this yogurt? First make sure that the yogurt you eat does not contain artificial sweeteners and dyes in it.