Coffee can lower the risk of stroke

Coffee can lower the risk of stroke

Are you someone who regularly drink coffee every day? If yes, then this means that you have a lower risk of stroke.

It’s been a lot of research that says that coffee is able to bring many benefits to the health of the body. You can be passionate, avoid heart disease, diabetes, and colon cancer as a cup of coffee.

In addition to these benefits, quoted from, was drinking coffee can also lower your risk for stroke disease. “Coffee contains chlorogenic acid acids, lignans, and magnesium. All these substances are mixed with antioxidants in coffee can reduce the risk of stroke,” said study conducted at the Cleveland Clinics Wellness Institute.

Unfortunately, this sound effect will be reduced when you add sugar in it. Sugars able to create a spike in glucose and insulin consciousness that eventually trigger glucose intolerance, insulin resistance, and inflammation. These physiological changes may ultimately affect the state of atherosclerosis, plaque stability and thrombosis are then able to be a factor enhancing the risk of stroke and dementia. So, as a healthy option should you eat a cup of black coffee in the morning as an energy enhancer and enhancing health.

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