Coffee Can Prevent Diabetes


coffee prevent diabetesCoffee is not only delicious and can treat sleepiness. A recent research shows that a drink made of coffee beans (Coffea arabica and Coffea canephora) can prevent type 2 diabetes. This is the conclusion obtained several years ago, but just recently known why.

Scientists at the University of California Los Angeles, United States examined SHBG (sex hormone-binding globulin), a hormone that regulates the activity of testosterone and estrogen. SHBG also served to increase immunity against diabetes. “It turned out that coffee consumption increases SHBG,” said doctoral student at the Faculty of Medicine, UCLA, Atsushi Goto, according to Science Daily.

Previously, researchers thought that coffee affects the body’s increased tolerance for sugar. “But it’s wrong,” said Professor Simin Liu, Goto’s colleagues in this research.

From a study of 40 thousand women, it is shown that people who drink four cups of coffee per day had higher SHBG than non coffee drinkers. “And 56 percent lower in risk of diabetes,” said Goto.