Coffee Have More Effects On Women


woman drink coffeeMost people tend to drink coffee to overcome the state of stress in the workplace. But studies show this effect will be more influential in women than in men.

A study shows that caffeine may have a more positive effect on women than men, at least in certain situations such as stress.

A study published in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology showed that women who consume caffeinated coffee will have a better performance when under stressful situations compared to men.

The study, led by Dr Lindsay St Claire from the University of Bristol, aims to test whether caffeine consumption could aggravate stress and interfere with the performance of a team or not.

In this study, She involved 64 men and women, average age of 22 years old. Participants were asked to solve various puzzles, memory tasks and negotiate after drinking caffeinated coffee and decaffeinated ones.

After consuming caffeine, the performance of men who are under pressure are much lower than women, and women who consume caffeine can solve the puzzle 100 seconds faster than men.

Researchers theorize when under stress, men tend to behave more aggressively, while women are more likely to collaborate. These conditions make performance better for women than for men when under stress.

“Caffeine increases dopamine and can help someone meet their needs in situations of stress,” said Dr. Eric Braverman, director of PATH Medical in New York, according to AOLHealth.

Braverman said that caffeine could provide a boost to one’s ability to cope with stress if not consumed in excessive amounts. The relationship between stress and caffeine is important because people consume caffeine throughout the day.