Coffee or tea, which one is better?


Tea and coffeeTea and coffee are the most popular drinks today. They can raise the atmosphere especially when hanging out with friends and family. So which one do you prefer, tea or coffee? See the difference of the two beverages as quoted from magforwomen.

1. Caffeine levels
Although both contain caffeine, but the caffeine content of coffee is much greater. While the caffeine content in a cup of tea is about 55 milligrams, a cup of coffeecan reach 125-128 milligrams! Caffeine content in tea helps to improve concentration. While coffee can increase anxiety.

2. Cancer prevention
Studies show consuming the right amount of tea helps fight cancer and cardiovascular disease. Coffee too, several studies reveal coffee is potent to prevent breast cancer recurrence and prevent prostate cancer.

One more research states that cancer rates in Asian countries are much lower than the U.S., one contributing factor because of the high intake of tea!

3. Relieve pain
Tea component helps you from inflammatory disorders and arthritis. Other functions can also reduce blood clotting. Coffee on the other hand is known able to provide relief from asthma and Parkinson’s disease.

4. Antioxidant effects
Both tea and coffee contain antioxidants, but functions differently. In tea, antioxidants protect the body from free radicals, reduce stress and cholesterol levels in the body. While antioxidants in coffee regulate blood sugar levels and prevent gallstones.

5. Place of origin
The main tea production comes from China and India. While coffee is produced in Ethiopia and other parts of the African continent.

Regardless of the difference between coffee and tea, both have good benefits for the body as long as they are taken wisely.

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