Combination of Ozone and Nicotine is Dangerous for Asthma


smoking asthma dangerRecently, a study found that the practice of using ozone to eliminate odors from cigarette smoke in a room, including hotel rooms, could be a bad idea.

According to a study by researchers from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, United States, ozone can react with nicotine in cigarette smoke to form ultrafine particles that may be a major threat to asthma sufferers. Ultrafine is more dangerous than the nicotine itself. Ultrafine particles is also a major component of exhaust fumes (thirdhand)- residue from tobacco smoke that lasted long after the cigarette or cigar goes out.

“Our study shows nicotine may react with ozone to form secondary organic aerosols less than 100 nanometers in diameter and are a source of thirdhand cigarette smoke,” said Mohamad Sleiman, a chemist who led the research, according to ScienceDaily.

“Because of the size and high surface area for volume comparison, ultrafine particles have the capacity to carry and store organic chemicals potentially harmful to the low respiratory tract, a place to promote oxidative stress,” said Sleiman.

Previous research, which was also spearheaded by Sleiman, found this thirdhand cigarette smoke can react with nitric acid, common indoor air pollutant, to produce a dangerous carcinogen.

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