Compared to men, women more easily get addicted to marijuana


Compared to men, women are more easily addicted to marijuana

Women are easier to suffer from marijuana addiction and other negatively affected from this bad habit than men. Similarly, the sound of a recent study reported by

Research conducted in the United States is based on a study involving female mice and male rats in researching the effects of tetrahydrocannabinol which is the active ingredient in marijuana. The result is at least 30% female rats are more sensitive than male rats to these substances.

“The high hormone estrogen in a woman’s body than a man’s body plays a major role in this regard. If estrogen is increased ovulation when exposed to this substance, it can cause a woman to become more frantic, confused, and anxious that they can not escape the of this tetrahydrocannabinol substance dependence, “said study leader Professor Rebecca Craft of Washington State University.

On the other hand the study also found that although marijuana can cause addiction women, but the effects of marijuana alone can not affect the female reproductive cycle.