Consume tomatoes regularly to prevent stroke!


Consume tomatoes regularly to prevent stroke Health tips – Tomato is one of the healthy foods that have a lot of benefits for health. Beside rich in vitamin C and fiber that are good for weight loss, eating tomatoes regularly is also effective to prevent stroke.

As reported from bbc, tomatoes have an antioxidants called lycopene . These substances can lower cholesterol levels in your body that can lead to cancer and heart attacks.

In a study published in the Neurology journal, it showed that those with a high content of lycopene in their blood have the tendency for stroke disease that would be significantly reduced.

“This study adds to the evidence that eating fruits and vegetables regularly can lower the risk of some dangerous diseases like stroke, heart disease, to diabetes,” said Dr. Jouni Karppi from the University of Eastern Finland.

So do you still find a reason for not eating fruits and vegetables on a regular basis?

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