Consumption of aspirin for 10 years increase the risk of blindness

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Aspirin is a common drug used as a painkiller. Even so, the use of aspirin in a long time turned out to be dangerous.

A recent study showed that the use of aspirin within 10 years can increase the risk of blindness by up to two-fold. Aspirin can increase the possibility of macular degeneration disease related with age (AMD). AMD is a type of disorder of the eye that can cause blindness.

These results are obtained after a team of researchers from the University of Wisconsin studied a research related to AMD. A total of 5,000 participants underwent eye examinations once every five years for 20 years. The volunteers – aged 43-86 years – were then asked to take aspirin at least twice a week for over three months.

As a result, researchers found several types of AMD on the volunteers. Several types of AMD occurs only as much as 10 percent, but causes blindness, as reported by the Daily Mail.

Researchers also found that participants who took aspirin for 10 years, have the risk of developing wet AMD as much as 1.4 per cent compared to only 0.6 percent in those who did not take aspirin.

The use of aspirin is still allowed, but should not be done in a long time. The use of aspirin also should always be accompanied by a doctor’s prescription and is not consumed freely.

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