Consumption of Fruits Makes Life Happier?


consuming fruits makes you happierConsumption of fruits not only provide health benefits for the body. More than that, it also gives you happiness. The more you eat fruit, you will also become more happy. This is according to a research done at the University of Warwick.

They said that the consumption of five servings of fruit per day will be very healthy, but seven servings per day will further create happiness, while those who consume up to eight servings per day, feel more cheerful and optimistic.

The study involved 80,000 British citizens who completed data on diet and their feelings. Each person was given a score from 0 to 10, based on their perceived satisfaction respectively.

Those who consumed eight or more servings of fruit a day, had an average score higher than those who ate little or even never eats fruits.

“This study has shown a surprising result, that it turns out that fruits and vegetables makes each individual becomes more cheerful. It feels very wise if they pick fruits as consumption. And I myself also want to be happy,” said Andrew Oswald, professor of the University of Warwick, as quoted by the Daily Mail.

Until now, research is still done on the mechanisms of fruit and vegetables that can affect happiness. Further studies will be conducted involving more respondents. The researchers then related the antioxidants in fruit as anti-stress. Another study also found that children who consume lots of fruits and vegetables have smaller risk of depression later in life.