Consumption of high doses of vitamins can shorten your age?


Consumption of high doses of vitamins can shorten your ageSome people need vitamin supplements to stay healthy and fit. However, taking too many vitamin supplements, especially in high doses could be dangerous.

A study showed that high doses of vitamin supplements can reduce up to 25 per cent chance of survival. In other words, taking vitamin supplements can increase the risk of death.

In this research noted that taking supplements of vitamins C and E in high doses have a 25 percent chance of survival shorter than those not taking vitamin in high doses, this is as reported by the Daily Mail (08/07).

The human body can not produce vitamin C so they need intake from vegetables and fruits. But human actually only need 40 milligrams every day to maintain healthy cells and facilitate healing process.

A study, conducted by researchers showed that too many vitamins can be harmful to humans. If given too much vitamin E and C, human lifespan will be shorter. Previous research also suggests that vitamin E supplementation is associated with the emergence of prostate cancer in men.

It would be better if people get vitamins through fruits and vegetables rather than through supplements. Also, make sure to limit your intake of vitamins. Balance also vitamins and minerals needsĀ in the body with which you consume.