Consumption these 5 foods for prostate health!

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Prostate cancerProstate cancer is the second leading cancer killer after lung cancer in men. Although the life expectancy of cancer patients is still unknown long after known to suffer prostate cancer, but you must be aware of this disease.

Here are 5 foods that can maintain the health of prostate as reported from

Broccoli contains sulforaphane which can eliminate cancer-causing toxins. A study says that those who ate broccoli more than once a week will reduce the risk of cancer cause by 45 %.

Cayenne pepper
This can prevent this disease because capcaisin substances in it. Capcaisin is able to kill the mitochondria, substances that alter healthy cells into cancer cells.

Green tea
Green tea contains antioxidant compounds called catechins. This substance in addition to increasing the immune system and destroys certain bacteria or viruses can also fight cancer, including prostate cancer. Catechins also works to repair DNA damaged by the growth of cancer cells.

Mushrooms contain various nutrients that are good for health. One of them is an antioxidant substance called L Рergothioneine which is able to protect cells against cancer. These substances are found mainly in the shitake and oyster mushrooms.

The content of omega- 3 in salmon is able to maintain prostate health. In addition to these nutrients, salmon also contains eicosapentaenoic ( EPA ) and docosahexaenoic acid ( DHA ) which may prevent vascular substances that support the growth of tumor cells.

Take care of your prostate health early on so you can avoid prostate cancer.

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