Contraceptive Pills Can Increase Brain Size and Function


Contraceptive Pills and Brain SizeContraceptive pills are used to control pregnancy, but behind that, this pill can increase the size and function of the brain.

Scientists have found that contraceptive pills can increase the size of certain parts of the female brain. Increased brain size is also accompanied with increased memory and social skills.

This study was performed to 3,5 million women in the UK  age between 16-49 years old. The result, found that brain size of participants who use contraceptive pills increases around 3 percent.

In the study, women who does not take the pills was tested more than once to count the hormonal fluctuations that occur within a month.

According to the study which was published in the Brain Research journal, women who takes birth control pills have larger brains than women who do not use it. Whatever brand or drug formulations, as well as how long have the drug been prescribed, the result remains the same.

“Sex hormones in contraceptive pills clearly have tremendous effect on the female brain. The increased volume of the brain can also improve the function of the brain part,” said Dr. Belinda Pletzer from Salzburg University, according to Dailymail.

According to Dr. Pletzer, female brain which takes contraceptive pills larger than female brains  which are accustomed to cycling, especially on the part of the brain responsible for memory and verbal ability.

How contraceptive pills affect brain size is not known clearly. But there is one theory predicted that influence it, namely estrogen or progesterone stops releasing eggs that can also strengthen the relationship between nerve cells in the brain.

However, this increase does not affect overall brain size and it is not known whether the enlarged section will shrink back when women stop using contraceptive pills.