Control Diabetes in a Natural Way With Ayurvedic Medicines


Ayurvedic Medicines

Ayurveda is a life science that deals with medicines extracted from plants, herbs and green vegetation. The increasing awareness about the long term side effects of synthetic medicines has made it crucial to look at natural alternatives that can help you control and limit the spread of many lifestyle diseases.

Be it hypertension, cardiovascular diseases or diabetes, these have become the commonest problems suffered by millions of people all across the globe. The Ayurveda practitioners recommend various medicines gained from nature to control diabetes. This is a fact that diabetes cannot be cured but it can be controlled and managed. Ayurvedic medicines for diabetes have tendency to naturally heal the symptoms of diabetes.

• These medicines rarely cause any side-effects like other synthetic ones. Some herbs like Gymnema Sylvestre which is clinically proven to reduce blood sugar levels are known to have the same effect as synthetic medicines. The only difference is that these are safer to use.
• Several drugs are repressed from the market everyday by pharmaceutical companies after newer side-effects are discovered in them. But this is not the same with herbs. Ayurvedic medicines prepared from herbs are in existence for a real long time and these have been used for thousands of years by various civilizations in a completely safe manner.
• Ayurvedic medicines for diabetes are a lot cheaper than synthetic medicines as they don’t need to go through a lot of research, advertising and promotional costs and also they don’t need to wage a war against companies for patents.
• Herbs are safe to be used by anyone, regardless of age and sex. Unlike synthetics that can cause variable reactions in females or children, herbal diabetic medications are perfect and well-tolerated in people of all ages.
• To help control blood sugar level, Ayurveda follows three-level approach such as:

1. First, dietary changes are recommended which includes relying on a low carbohydrate diet. Now, this does not mean that you do not eat carbohydrates at all. The idea is to skip refined carbohydrates like white rice and white bread and choose complex carbohydrates like whole wheat bread, oats, multi-grain breads etc.
2. The second step is to start daily exercise including Yoga or brisk walking and restore the inactive lifestyle to an active one. Muscle cells contain a lot of insulin receptors which get activated due to exercise. This helps the body reduce insulin resistance.
3. Last but not the least; herbal medicines are the safest, efficient and natural way to treat the symptoms of diabetes.

Therefore, understanding all the above written advantages, it is time for you to switch to herbal medicine for diabetes and protect yourself from side-effects of synthetic medicines.

by Chris Clark