Control Diabetes Through Your iPhone


iphone diabetes applicationDiabetes is a disease that is suffered by many people around the world. The cause of this disease varies,  it was previously even known that sitting for 7 hours a day increase diabetes risks.

One thing that is important for people who suffer diabetes, is that they have to always control their blood sugar level to prevent more serious disease that threatens them.

Now there is new good news for diabetics. With the help of technology, now people with diabetes do not need to go to the hospital to measure their blood sugar levels, they could easily independently measure it at home using an iPhone or iPod.

In cooperation with Sanofi, a pharmaceutical company, Apple introduced an additional accessory that they call the  iBGStar. This additional accessory costs £ 48. It is fitted with diabetes manager application to store, track and analyze medical data.

You can simply plug the accessory which looks like a flash disk in to one of the iPhone or iPod port. This device will send signals to the diabetes manager display, related with blood that come from a puncture in the fingertips.

This new application allows people who suffer from diabetes to measure their blood sugar levels independently anywhere, anytime. For diabetics, blood sugar control is important to be done periodically to prevent serious complications, including kidney, heart, nerves, and eye damage.

Sarah Johnson, a diabetes researcher, welcomed all the technological developments that help control the diabetic condition. “Control of blood glucose on a regular basis is important to reduce long-term effects of diabetes,” she said, as quoted by the Daily Mail.

Dr Andrew Hockey, medical director for diabetes at Sanofi, said the application was a step forward. “It harnesses the power of the latest technologies to manage the diabetic condition everyday,” he said.

There are many factors that triggers diabetes, but if you happen to be a person who suffers from diabetes, getting a devise that can help you control your blood sugar levels at home is a must.