Coronavirus kills two more victims


Coronavirus kills two more victimsA virus like SARS again causes casualties, one patient in Germany and one from England. Until now, the death rate from the coronavirus has reached 60 percent by killing 10 victims of the total of 17 patients.

One 73-year-old patient was suspected of having poor health and low chance of survival.

Meanwhile, the WHO has not confirmed the death of the latest victim. However, the WHO had mentioned last death on March 2 as a worrying incident. Because the 39-year-old patient died when newly admitted less than three days in the hospital.

As quoted from The Inquisitr, coronavirus is a member of disease organisms  family that looks mild such as the common cold or also can be severe such as SARS.

Fortunately, like the SARS virus, it does not seem to spread too easily. Because patients from Germany and the UK got it because of their frequent travel to the Middle East – the origin of the coronavirus that emerged last year.

An expert from the University of Reading in England, Ian Jones, argued that the spread of the coronavirus is considered not so efficient. According to him, the virus will subside on its own.

However, as the virus had claimed more deaths than the total number of patients, experts like to keep track in detail.

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