Could Someone Wake Up From Their Own Snore?


snoreSharing a room with a snoring person must feel very annoying, so others can not sleep soundly and are often awakened. But an interesting thing is that there are times when the person who snores are also disturbed by their own snoring.

This disorder often cause people who snores wake up although they could then sleep again and, of course, snore again. Usually, they only wake up for a few seconds so that they did not remember waking up.

The difference with others who are disturbed by the sound of snoring, people who snores are not disturbed by the sound of snoring but by the cause itself. Snoring occurs due to narrowing of airways which sometimes trigger stop of breathing (sleep apnea).

Sleep apnea can cause a person to stop breathing for 10-30 seconds, although some people may experience it up to 2 minutes. When there is stopping of breath, the brain will automatically trigger a reaction called “arousal trigger” in order for people to get up and fix their sleeping position.

Arousal triggers can occur hundreds of times in one night even though each appeared only last a short time or a few seconds. Short enough so that the person can not even remember when they wake up the next day.

Though short and not even realized, the impact is the same as what is experienced by other whos sleep is disturbed by the sound of the snore. Arousal trigger that occurs too often also lead to decreased quality of sleep so people quickly feel tired, it even can lead to heart problems and metabolic syndrome.

According to Lifeslittlemysteries, this condition can be treated with diet and exercise. Because one of the factors that triggers airway obstruction is the deposition of fat in people who are overweight.