Could Your Snoring be Caused by Heart Disease?



Snoring is a fairly common thing that is faced by most men and even women. Snoring can be very annoying to people who share a bed or a room with you.

But did you know that snoring could also be caused by several health problems? Here are the health problems that can cause a person to snore as reported from healthmeup.

Snoring occurs when there are things that blocks the circulation of air in the nasal cavity. This can be caused by excess fat around the neck that can improve the obstruction in the nasal cavity. This is what makes fat people easy to snore.

Heart disease
A recent study revealed that one of the factors why a person snores is heart disease. It is caused due to the damage to the carotid artery or arteries responsible for supplying oxygen-rich blood to the brain. In a previous research it was known that snoring habits increase the risk of stroke.

Gastric acid
A study also showed that three-quarters of people suffering from stomach acid will also snore when they sleep. This happens due to GERD or gastroesophageal relux that interferes with air circulation.

People who suffer from sinus are also prone to snoring due to obstruction in their nasal cavity.

Those are some diseases that can cause a person to snore. Hopefully this information useful for you.