Country with Most Cancer Patients


Cancer is one of the most deadliest disease. This disease can affect any race and any age. World Health Organization announced a single country has recorded the highest number of cancer patients.

Not China, India or the U.S. which is ranked as the most country with cancer patients. But it is Denmark who has recorded the highest number of cancer patients.

Besides meaning unhealthy, on the other side, this ranking shows that Denmark has the advantage in technology to detect cancer.

Recent research conducted by World Health Organization (WHO) through World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) places Denmark as the country with most cancer sufferers. At least 326 of 100,000 people in the country suffers from cancer.

According to the Telegraph, the high number of cancer patients in Denmark are believed to be related to the lifestyle factors that are not healthy. Among them is smoking, drinking alcohol and lack of exercise.

In the Scandinavian regioned country, the number of women who smoke, is higher than most other countries. In addition, alcohol drinking habits which is a tradition in this country is also mentioned to be very influential.

On the other hand, the high number of cancer patients can also be seen as a progress in medical technology because it shows the number of cancers that can be detected. In some developing countries, cancer patients doesn’t seem to be much because a lot of them are not detected.

“The number of cases are also pretty much unavoidable in the UK and other developed countries of Europe Even so, a third of that amount could be prevented with lifestyle changes, namely a lot of exercises and implementing a healthy diet,” says Martin Wiseman, one of the researcher from WCRF.