Couples who rarely fight lives longer


Couples who rarely fight lives longerTwo strangers who get married and stay at one place certainly causes a lot of fights because of indulgence and opinion differences. But if couples can hold their anger, they will feel the benefits for their state of health.

A group of U.S. researchers found that couples who rarely fight are known to live healthier and live longer than couples who routinely fight. This was quoted by the Daily Mail, Saturday (06/07/2013).

These findings were obtained by researchers after observing the physical health condition of 1,700 married couples and analyzing survey responses from respondents about the frequency of quarrels, the level of happiness and the quality of life of respondents over 20 years.

Both male and female respondents were only asked to rate their health using a scale from ‘poor’ to ‘perfect’.

From there it was revealed that couples who often quarreled had worse health conditions. But it encourages researchers to conclude that the association between marital happiness with health conditions that seem to lie in how both partners attempt to take care of each other.

Because, in a study report published in the ‘Journal of Marriage and Family’, a happily married couple and seldom quarreled loves to cook and eat healthy meals together. Low levels of stress also means a happy couple have good sleeping patterns.

Couples who are almost never involved in fights also tend to motivate each other to eliminate bad habits like smoking and lazy check-ups, not to mention the positive activities in congregation, including exercising together.

“This study also shows that a happy marriage has the preventive component to maintaining health of couples for many years. To that end, couples who often quarrel or argue needs to get professional help to reduce conflict because it affects their health,” said research team leader , Rick Miller.

“Instead,  happily married couple, if either spouse has a bad day, will tend to mutually support and provide empathy for one another. This will reduce stress and prevent health deterioration,” he continued.

Previous studies have also revealed that an unhappy marriage is associated with depression, anxiety disorders, poor diet, smoking, and lack of sleep. The stress of a bad marriage can also raise blood pressure as well as weaken the immune system.