Courage to Express Opinion is Good for Health


Express OpinionFreedom to express opinions is a right for all people. But do you know that the willingness to express an opinion is also good for your health.

When you experience tension with another person, whether a boss, wife or maybe your children, then you should have the courage to express your opinions and arguments, because avoiding confrontation could be dangerous for health.

Based on a study, it is associated with the increase of cortisol hormones, which triggers stress hormones.

When someone avoids a fight and does not have the courage to express their opinions, then there will be an abnormal increase in the cortisol hormone.

“Relation with others have an important influence on our feelings every day, especially when there are problems in relationships. How we handled everyday problems very influence our health,” said Kira Birditt, a researcher from the Institute for Social Research at the University of Michigan, according to LiveScience.

The result of this study had been presented at the 118th Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association on August 12 2010.

In the study, researchers wanted to know the health impact of avoidance behaviors and not daring to express opinion.

“People who tend to avoid conflict does not show physical symptoms directly, but this will be associated with abnormal physical symptoms  in long term,” Birditt explained.

People who avoid tension and do not have courage to express an opinion, will experience a sharp increase in the cortisol hormone and its decline will be very slow.  This increase of cortisol hormone can cause long-term abnormal physical symptoms.

Cortisol in small doses can actually give a positive effect on the body, which is to increase alertness and beneficial in controlling blood sugar.

But this hormone always increases when someone is frustrated so it is called ‘stress hormones‘. And if there is a sharp increase in hormones, it can have a bad impact on health.

Increase in cortisol hormone is associated with cardiovascular and blood vessel disease. In other words, people who does not have courage to express their opinions are more susceptible to heart disease and stroke.

Not only that, the increase of cortisol hormones is also associated with diabetes, high blood pressure (hypertension) and impotence for men.