Cow Milk Can Help Fight HIV Virus?


drink milk reduce diabetes risksKilling HIV virus is not easy, even treatment until now are still minimal. Researchers in Australia have now discovered a new treatment. To combat the HIV virus, they try to apply cow milk.

Scientists from the University of Melbourne and biopharmaceutical company Immuron Ltd found that cows can not be infected with HIV. In the other hand, these dairy animals produce antibodies that prevent transmission of HIV disease.

In the study, pregnant cows were vaccinated with HIV protein, the first milk produced by a cow after birth contains antibodies with high levels collected via colostrum.

According to Medical Daily, researchers found that cows can produce 2.2 pounds of antibodies. With this amount, cow milk may be processed into other products to prevent transmission of HIV virus. For example, cream or gel applied to the vagina before or after intercourse.

The researchers say that the same cream can also be made for men, but it still needs to be reviewed to make it more efficient. Anti-HIV cow milk cream product may only be truly developed in 10 years.