Crying Apparently is Not Always a Relief


women cryCrying is not always comforting. Recent studies indicate that two thirds of women do not feel better after crying. In fact, feelings of sadness will last up to two days.

A study showed that nine percent of people who cry just gets more depressed and disappointed. According to a researcher from the University of South Florida, Jonathan Rottenberg, only a few people who cries then experience improved mood. This finding is certainly contrary to the conventional concept of crying.

Crying and mood research involved 97 women with an age range of 18-48 years old. Researchers monitor mood of the respondent for 73 days. The result shows that only a third of respondents experienced emotion improvement after crying.

Jonathan advise people to share more with their ??best friend rather than crying. According to him, crying can help break down emotions not because of the tears, but because of social support from colleagues or relatives. “This is a portrait of attention to a person’s problem,” he said.

The study also reveals that cry with a friend who accompanies is much more positive than crying alone. But crying in front of many people actually worsen the mood. The average respondent cried for eight minutes. The cause of the crying of the  women according to Journal of Personality among others are fighting, losing, and seeing the suffering of others.