Crying Benefits for Healing


crying benefits for healthIt is okay to cry, there is nothing to be ashamed of. Crying is the expression of emotions and feelings. Crying can be a sign you’re happy or sad.

Even in the newborn, crying could be an important sign that could indicate the baby is hungry, defecated, or feeling sleepy.

Questioning the meaning behind crying, scientists found that crying is not just as a burst of emotion, but can also be beneficial to health. According to a study, someone who can express his feelings through crying can have an effect as a healer.

Here are benefits of crying that could have positive impact on health and healing:

1. Crying can be a way to release tension. If you want to bawl do not hold your emotions. Typically, those who could cry out, could ease their emotions and feel lighter.

2. Tears flowing from the surge of emotion contain higher protein and beta-endorphins, natural pain relievers. Tears also kills bacteria in the eyes and ‘clean up’ the eye, which can increase the power of vision.

3. Those who cries more frequently, are reported to feel less physically problems compared with people who often fight the tears.

4. Crying helps provide peace of mind. Usually, you can see a situation more clearly and calmly after crying.

If you already know the benefits of crying, when you feel the tears welling up, then don’t hesitate to cry it out. And feel the better feeling afterwards.

Source: Idiva