Crying Too Long Could Damage A Babies Brain


baby cry Health Tips – When babies starts crying, there are parents who sometimes let them cry first before helping them. But babies who often cries for too long can have problems in developing brains.

Penelope Leach, a child health expert found that repeatedly depressed infants and cries too long has a risk of developing problems later on.

Studies prove that infant brains which are left to cry for a long time, are at risk of damage in its development, which may reduce its capacity for learning.

“This is not just an opinion, but a fact that letting a baby cry potentially damages their brain. So why risk it?” Leach said, as quoted from the Independent.

Leach’s opinion is a controversy compared with a teacher Gina Ford who strictly applies the method to let the baby cry for 20 minutes.

Gina advise new parents to let their babies cry in order the baby to get mental learning to sleep on its own.

“A baby who cries too long will eventually stop. This is not because they had learned to sleep alone, but because they are exhausted and desperate to get help,” said Leach.

Lech says that crying is the only way for a baby to give signals when they feel uncomfortable or pressured.

If the baby cried harder it shows that s/he is stressed, and that acute stress can cause hormonal chain reaction that ultimately can stimulate the adrenal glands to release stress hormones.

According to Lech, if this incident continues then it could generate a lot of stress hormones that can damage a baby’s brain.

“This does not mean that a baby cannot cry or a parent should be concerned if  the baby cries. Because it is not the crying that is bad for the babies, but crying without getting any respond will have bad effect,” said Lech.

Anastasia Baker, a director of Night Nanny shares the same idea. She reveals that there’s nothing wrong to let babies cry for several minutes. But the problem is that if parents let their babies cry too long until they fell asleep.

“Clearly no one advises leaving the baby crying too long. But I think you can leave them a few minutes and then came to comfort them. This results have shown that by using this technique, it can help overcome sleeping problems in children and has a very positive effect on family life, “said Mandy Gurney, founder of the Millpond Sleep Clinic.

So if you hear your babies cry, better not let them cry for too long. Because this can affect brain development due to the high level of stress hormone produced.