Cure for a Broken Heart


hot chocolate during heart breakHeartbreak has a strong potential to damage one’s spirit. Many who experience it looks sad and shuts themselves from the others. In this condition, some choose food as an escape. But is it really an effective way to restore mood?

There are no study on food as ‘healer’ of heartbreak. But, some nutritionists can not ignore certain foods like ice cream, chocolate, or party dishes that becomes a target by those with broken heart.

“After separating, consuming foods that can make a better mood seemed to be important,” says nutritionist Stephanie Clarke.

However, according to Clarke, foods with extra calories leads to weight gain, such as ice cream and chocolate is the wrong choice. “Those food only makes your mood worse,” she said.

Clarke gives a choice of healthy foods that can help restore positive energy in the body. Foods that can make your body vibrant without turning fat.

Vegetable Soup
This is a warm meal that can soothe mood of those experiencing acute distress. Eating a bowl of warm vegetable soup is believed to restore the lost spirit.

Hot chocolate
Stir dark chocolate in a cup of hot milk without fat. Soy milk or almond milk can be an option because it contains protein and calcium. Content of substances in chocolate can also make your mood more stable.

Turkey Chili
The content of protein and fiber from the chili is very good for improving mood. Spicy flavor can lead to warmth.

Yogurt can be a choice to replace ice cream. Combine fruit and syrup into the yogurt to lure the spirit.

Change the habit of drinking coffee during stress with tea. Research at the University College London, England, showed that drinking black tea four times a day for six weeks reduces cortisol hormones which triggers stress. While green tea contains theanin, which enhances relaxation in the brain.

Source: Shine